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  • Ink


    Coram’s new book, his sixteenth, shows a time when newspapers were at high tide and pushed all other media aside; it shows a time when the writing life was a…

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  • Gully Dirt

    Gully Dirt

    In this incandescent memoir, Robert Coram tells how a rough-edged boy escaped from a nowhere little town in rural southwest Georgia and became an accomplished writer. Recent Review from CounterPunch…

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  • Double Ace

    Double Ace

    DOUBLE ACE Scott flew in China during World War II, came home in January, 1943, and in three days wrote the iconic God Is My Co-Pilot. The book still sells today.…

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  • Brute


    Brute: The Life Of Victor Krulak    "A good job of telling Krulak's story in clear, simple prose. A valuable work." The Wall Street Journal. "Brisk, highly readable, strongly reported…

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  • American Patriot

    American Patriot

    American Patriot: The Life And Wars Of Colonel Bud Day During the course of his military career, Bud Day won every available combat medal, escaped death on no less than seven…

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  • Boyd


    Boyd: The fighter pilot who changed the art of war John Boyd was the greatest fighter pilot in American history. He defeated every pilot who challenged him in less than…

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  • Bass Master Shaw Grigsby

    Bass Master Shaw Grigsby

    Bass Master Shaw Grigsby I have fished for the bass in ponds, lakes, impoundments, rivers, and tidal waters. And I've learned much that will help both the beginning angler and…

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  • Caribbean Time Bomb

    Caribbean Time Bomb

    Caribbean Time Bomb Robert Coram has been visiting Antigua since 1982, when, as a newspaper reporter, he broke the story that Robert Vesco had found sanctuary on the island. Because…

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  • Nobody’s Child

    Nobody’s Child

    Nobody's Child A Woman's Abusive Past and the Inspiring Dream That Led Her to Rescue the Street Children of Saigon   "Christina Noble is a wonderful and remarkable woman, and…

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  • Dead South

    Dead South

    Dead South A killer with no remorse has just met his match... THE DEDICATED COP Temporarily relieved from homicide detail, police detective C.R. Payne is forced to work undercover in…

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  • Atlanta Heat

    Atlanta Heat

    Atlanta Heat A cop on the trail of a brutal double homicide, A killer who knows his every move... THE HOMICIDE To the world, he has everything: success, wealth, and…

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  • Kill The Angels

    Kill The Angels

    Kill The Angels: Stalking his prey A CITY ON THE EDGE OF FEAR A KILLER ON THE EDGE OF TERROR As the city of Atlanta readies itself for the Summer…

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  • Running Dead

    Running Dead

    Running Dead A savage killer and the one cop tough enough to take him on... THE KILLER AND THE COP. THE ONLY LAW THEY OBEYED WAS SURVIVAL. Tony the Dreamer…

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  • Narcs America’s Heroes

    Narcs America’s Heroes

    Narcs America's Heroes The fishermen of Everglades City, Florida are using their crab boats and mullet skiffs to smuggle tons of marijuana to Miami. The President of the United States…

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  • Narcs Drug Warriors

    Narcs Drug Warriors

    Narcs Drug Warriors A straight arrow strategic planner named Nick Brown. A way out maverick name Lance Cunningham. A brainy lady named Kimberly McBride. And a ferocious flyboy named Mike…

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    NARCS Nick Brown. He looked as mild as a bookkeeper, but this Commander of the Narcotics Squad was the ingenious brains behind his agents' every act of daring and violence.…

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