Nobody’s Child

Nobody's Child

A Woman's Abusive Past and the Inspiring Dream That Led Her to Rescue the Street Children of Saigon


"Christina Noble is a wonderful and remarkable woman, and she has written a wonderful and remarkable book. I know of no other book that I have read over the past dozen years that affected me as much as Nobody's Child and left me with the feeling that I shared a great human experience with the writer."

~Howard Fast

"A heartrending story with a happy ending. Christina Noble's courage, compassion and love shine on every page. How she triumphed over her own suffering is unforgettable and inspiring testimony to the splendor of the human soul."

~Nien Cheng, author of Life and Death in Shanghai

"From a horrifying Dublin childhood, a lone woman set out on an incredible crusade to save other lost children half a world away. You will not forget a single step of her remarkable journey."

~Anne Rivers Siddons

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