Atlanta Heat

Atlanta Heat

A cop on the trail of a brutal double homicide, A killer who knows his every move...

To the world, he has everything: success, wealth, and a stunning wife. But behind the $2,000 suit and dazzling smile is a man driven by a monstrous rage he cannot control. And when his fury ignites at a local convenience store, Colin Biddle, Atlanta's most famous crime reporter, pulls out his Walther .22 and pops two slugs into his unsuspecting victims' faces.

C.R. Payne is an ambitious black detective who's just been handed his first big case. But something's strange about this double homicide—an apparent robbery gone horribly wrong. One person is willing to help him. His name is Colin Biddle, a man with all the savvy and downtown connections a rookie needs. A man who has killed before—and will kill again.

The game of cat-and-mouse has begun. The killer is on the inside. The cop is on the outside. With an enraged public demanding justice and the evidence mounting, the heat is coming down. And one man is going to pay—with his life...

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