BOYD along with Certain To Win, a book about how Boyd’s ideas are relevant in the business world, by Dr. Chet Richards, is being studied in business schools around the

Coram receives e-mails every week about the
book; intense, even passionate e-mails from people who say they have
been profoundly affected by John Boyd’s life and work.

The book is being taught at the Air Force Academy and has made deep inroads
in the officer corps of the Air Force, primarily in the ranks of
captains, majors and lieutenant colonels. These officers say they are
aware of why senior Air Force leadership continues to denigrate Boyd’s
accomplishments. They say that a few years from now, some of them will
be among a new generation of leadership and they will see that Boyd
receives the institutional recognition so long overdue from the Air

But it is the Marine Corps that keeps the book
moving; not only the ground side of the Corps but the pilots. The book
is a top seller at various Marine Corps bases. The Executive Officer of
one F-18 wing estimates that at least 60% of the pilots in the wing
have read the book; an amazing number when one considers how few
Marines can read at all.

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